Trainings for Community Members on Women’s Rights and UNSCR1325

2011 / 11 / 04

 The YWCA of Palestine conducted two trainings on promoting women/gender rights and the UNSCR 1325 for community members in November 2011. The first training, on 22 November, was at the YWCA of Ramallah, in which 30 participants (25% of whom are young women) attended. The second training, on 24 November, was at the YWCA of Jericho and had attendance of more than 47 women, almost half of whom were young women. The women attending the trainings were from different areas from and around Jerusalem, Ramallah and Jericho, including the Aqbet Jaber and Jalazoune refugee camps. Some of the participants had never heard of UN SCR 1325 before and gained insight on the Security Council Resolution and its relevance in the Palestinian society. The trainer, Ms. Maysoun Al Qawasmeh, brought critical examples from Palestinian society to raise awareness on the resolution and the strong impact it could have. The intergenerational trainings were successful with a good number of participants

The participants as well as the trainer gave special thanks to the YWCA for having managed to bring in a large number of women attending. The trainer said it is sometimes difficult to ensure the participation of women, but was impressed that both the trainings at the YWCA included women from different age groups and from different areas in an organized way, and that the participants themselves were actively engaged, respectful and a great source of inspiration.

The trainings were part of the Palestinian Women’s Rights and Economic Participation Project in the partnership cooperation between the YWCA of Palestine and Y-Global (YWCA/YMCA Norway) funded by the Forum for Women’s Development in Norway (FOKUS).